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We offer a comprehensive range of
multimedia services that complement
each other during production


Creative and technical excellence underpins each and every video production. With an emphasis on live action, we design and create stunning video content to inspire and inform, that delivers audience interaction and engagement. We specialise in video production for the corporate and music sectors, but we have worked with a wide range of clients in a variety of fields. We have assembled a network of carefully selected professionals to ensure every project exceeds our clients’ expectations and to allow us to adapt to different sized projects and their respective budgets.

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Mac-Nutrition LIVE Days
The Purcell School Symphony Orchestra – Symphonic Dances
Chess Galea – Personal
River Matthews – Stars

We believe that, no matter the subject and platform, photography should be driven by creativity and beautiful aestetics. Although we ensure to provide the photos you request and expect, we aim to overdeliver with visuals that enthuse your audience. Even when hiring us for other media services, we like to offer creative photography packages to document and promote your project.

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Portraiture – Tizia Maria
Event – Old Colfeian Autumn Reunion
Interior – Leadenhall Market
Branding – Sony
Animal Photography – Dog Tethering Campaign
Night Photography – London

With our own project studio and extensive location recording equipment, we can provide more comprehensive audio services than many media agencies, whether it be for music, film or something else entirely. In addition to being media professionals, most of our team are musicians too, so you’ll be working alongside creatives who are as excited about the project as you are.

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Satchit – Stargaze
Adele – When We Were Young (cover)
Alan Macdonald: A Self-Portrait – The Documentary
Oliver Bowring – Pedestrian
The Purcell School Chamber Ensembles – Wigmore Hall
ALBA – Home

Our media production services are extensive, but for some clients, it is more useful for us to provide training and information that they can use in their own projects for long-term growth. We love keeping up with market trends and following technological improvements of equipment, but what we love even more is being able to share that knowledge and inspire others. Whether it be training your in-house media team to produce at a higher level, or creating a long-term marketing strategy for your brand, we can help realise your projects and achieve your goals.

our team
Oliver Bowring
Managing Director

As both the founder and managing director, Oliver has an active role in business operations and the production process. He heads up most projects produced by Musicarta Media.

Joe-lee Coupe

Although we have many additional media freelancers when needed, Joe works full-time as our in-house videographer and is found both behind the camera and in the editing suite.

Brad Thomas
Marketing Consultant

Brad focuses on business development, branding and any other marketing endeavours. His wealth of knowledge and experience in these fields is invaluable when working on a promotional project with us.